Sunday, 4 March 2012

Ron vs Randy


Last night the Leafs won their first game second game in a span of twelve by defeating the Montreal Canadiens 3-1. The night before, Randy Carlyle was introduced as the teams 13th non-interim head coach. Randy Carlyle was fired by the Ducks and replaced by Bruce Boudreau, recently fired by the Capitals after the Ducks 4-1 win over the Canadiens on the night of November 31st.

It was clear that the Leafs needed a change, the players weren't responding to him, and the fans DEFINITELY not respecting him anymore after they chanted FIRE WILSON, FIRE WILSON in the last seconds of Wednesday night loss to the Panthers.

That is when Brian Burke had had enough. He started the process of bringing Carlyle in. Many players feel that they have had been traded, and have a new start. An example of one of these players is Mikhail Grabovski. He ended his 14 game goalless drought, by scoring two and adding an assist last night. Joffrey Lupul, in his days with the Ducks, had some issues with then coach Randy Carlyle. The overall problem was that Lupul wanted to play left wing, but he was put on right wing mainly for reasons concerning his back. This year, he has thrived at the left wing position. Carlyle accepts his wrongdoing and played Joffrey over twenty minutes last night, the most out of any Leaf forward, and fourth on the team.

In today's blog we wil look at Ron Wilson and Randy Carlyle stats.


Games: 1401
Wins: 648
Losses: 561
Ties: 101
OTL: 91
Winning %: .463
Points: 1510
Games/Points %: 1.07
Best Record: 49-23-10 (2007-2008)

Playoff Appearances: 8
Playoff Games: 95
Wins: 47
Losses: 48
Cups: 0

Maple Leafs Winning %: .419


Games: 517
Wins: 274
Losses: 182
OTL: 61
Winning %: .530
Points: 609
Games/Points %: 1.18
Best Record: 48-20-14

Playoff Appearances: 5
Playoff Games: 62
Wins: 36
Losses: 26
Cups: 1
Norris Trophies: 1
Maple Leafs Winning %: 100!

Who is better for the Leafs? When you look at Carlyle's Maple Leaf win percentage, I don't think the choice is hard :)

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