Friday, 2 March 2012

Harebare Down Introduction


My name is Harris and I am a 14 year old boy (perhaps 24 if there is some sort of law against child blogging) living in Toronto. 1987 is my fake birth year. I am a diehard fan of both the Leafs and Jays and might click on the box score of the Raptors game if they get more than 150 points. Or if they win two in a span of thirty games. That would be amazing. I don't consider them a Toronto team, more like one from Mississauga who occasionally slips there way into my Twitter feed. I unfollow immediately. Don't even get me started on the Argonauts (I think they play some form of football). I have a Twitter account by the way, @hlechtzier follow me up, you could put me 70+! I hate Ron Wilson, love Mike Brown, and I think I have heard of some Lithuanian guy on the Raptors? Jose Bautista is god, and B.J. Ryan is my worst nightmare. Kevin Gregg can die in a hole. I'm an avid fantasy sports player who likes to think my team is better than it actually is. Trading Hartnell was my worst mistake (love that flow). My goal is to make this blog enjoyable to read while putting some new ideas into your head. Every post will be concerning the Jays, Leafs, NHL and MLB. I hope to post around three times a week. Happy reading! 

Harebare (intimidating?)


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